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Name:Riptide - Slash it any way you like it
Website:Pier 56
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:The Riptide Detective Agency, Nick Ryder, Cody Allen, Murray Bozinsky: Slash, but all fans welcome

Welcome to Slip 7, Pier 56 - the Riptide, home of Cody Allen, Nick Ryder and Murray Bozinsky.

Community Aims

We couldn't make up the slash in this show. Well, we could, and we do, but we don't have to. Because they went ahead and did it for us, and put it on network TV. And that's what the community's all about - the slash! Any and all pairings are welcome here.

You slash Nick and Cody? Or maybe Cody and Murray? Nick and Murray? Quinlan and Murray? Or the fandom OT3, Nick/Cody/Murray? Either way, this is the place for all Riptide slash discussion, squee and fic.

Gen and het discussion, squee and fic is welcome here too.

The community is primarily focused on:

- Episode discussions, recaps, screencaps and squee
- Fanfic and fic recs
- Fanfic prompts or requests (Read this post for more information)
- Icons and images
- Character discussions
- Pimpages (about Riptide as a whole, or about your pairing).
- Fic resources - come and ask about canon or about info you need to write your fic
- Squee! Sharing the love of our favorite boys

If you've just found us, please feel free to post and introduce yourself. Tell us what you love about Riptide, who your favourite character(s) are, your ship (if you have one), how you became a Riptide fan... We'd love to hear it all.

Please. Anything you want to talk about that falls into the categories above, come and post. We'd LOVE to hear from you. Pretty much, if it has the word Riptide in it, or the name of one or more of the guys, it's on topic.

You can post your fic here if you'd like. And there's an archive for that here too. We encourage you to post your fic at the archive as well. Wherever you post your fic, please come and tell us about it and give us a link - we LOVE it when you tell us you've written fic, so we can squee!

Fic posted here on pier56 can also be found in the Community Memories, organised by author.

Helpful Links
The Riptide Newbie Guide: A guide to the Riptide fandom on LJ and on the internet.
The Nick/Cody Shipper's Manifesto
The Nick/Cody/Murray Shipper's Manifesto
The Riptide Episode Recap Guide: A post detailing where to find episode summaries, recaps and screencaps
Fanfic Rec Post: Members rec their five favourite fanfics
Riptide Fanfic: All fanfic posted on pier56
Riptide Icons: All icons posted on pier56
Riptide Vids: All songvids posted on pier56

Community Rules

- Have fun
- Respect each other
- Love the boys
- No flames
- Use common sense when posting. Use lj-cuts or links, warn for adult/squick, use lj's adult settings.
- On topic posts only please.
- Respect the actors. Strictly no RPS/F. You *may* say how wonderful they are. You *may* wish them happy birthday. In fact, please do. You *may not* make posts speculating about their personal lives in any way.

Posting Fic

1. NO fic may be posted which includes any Riptide actor as a character.
2. NO real person fic of any form.
3. We have tags. Please use them. (New authors: If you do not have an author tag yet, a mod will create one for you. -- The same goes for artists without an artist tag.)
4. Please include genre (eg gen, slash, het) and rating (eg PG13, NC17, AO) in your header: this assists people to avoid fic they might find offensive.
5. Please WARN for any potential squicks in your fic.
6. AUs and Crossovers are welcome: Please state in your header if your fic is an AU/crossover, and give brief information
7. Please use a header which includes at least the information below:

8. You may post fic which is also posted elsewhere; it is polite to include a "Cross-posted" line in your header and list the other comms your fic is posted to.
9. You may post WIPs (works in progress)
10. Please use lj-cuts for anything longer than a drabble

If you're having trouble posting stories (or anything else) to pier56, you can find a how-to right here.

Check the intro/welcome post to find out more.

More info can also be found in the FAQ.

Your friendly mods are tinx_r and seraphina_snape. Ask if you have a problem or a question.



Non-Writing Comm Affiliates:

Please support our affiliate writing communities by writing for their prompts when you can. It's good for them, and it's good for the Riptide fandom. More exposure = more fen = more squee. We like more squee.

Want to affiliate?

We are happy to affiliate with fic and icon communities which offer prompts/challenges appropriate to the Riptide fandom. Please comment to the welcome post and tell us if you'd like to affiliate. We'll check you out and let you know. Please don't pimp your community here. If we affiliate with you, we'll pimp it for you. Pimp posts made by anyone but the mods will be deleted.

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